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About us


Gerry's Offshore UK was incorporated in 2004 and by 2005, one of the best known coffee brands decided to trust our competencies of management and investment in the United Kingdom. In 2005, we launched our flagship Costa store in Maidenhead, England. Within 12 months of rendering exemplary services at par with Costa standards, we were able to open 3 new stores and gain an edge following by building an essential long lasting relationship with our principle by gathering a lot of trust owing to our dedication and commitment. Gerry's was soon able to acquire rights for opening up Costa stores in additional areas and 2013 was a year that witnessed tremendous growth for the company; we opened 8 outlets in that year alone and were awarded "The Costa Best Development Franchisee of The Year". 

Today, we are the second largest Franchisee of Costa Coffee in the United Kingdom having 35 outlets and over 450 staff members - We saw the launch of our Second Drive Thru store in Brackley in August 2022; the process of sustainable growth is progressing by our teams putting in their utmost best for optimal results, we have been very lucky to acquire a further 24 Costa in August 2020.  

Progress for any brand comes one's way owing to collective efforts of teams and recognising them is crucial for any employer; Gerry's UK Offshore has had employees that have grown with us in terms of both age and profession. This year, we have celebrated and awarded 2 employees with their '10 years Service' award. 

​Back in 2019 our sister company Wali Leisure and Retail Limited enlisted on opening their very first asian resturant in Coventry - Wok to Walk.

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